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Water Works - A CSR Experience

Feet First Eventertainment

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Feet First Eventertainment: Water Works - A CSR Experience

Multiple Locations
Virtual CSR Activity

Our Water Works Artwork for Charity is an incredibly impactful and creative way to help others and to save lives, by sponsoring water filtration systems for families in remote villages in Uganda.

At the start of the event, we will greet your entire group on Zoom. Our professional MC will explain the Water Works program, which involves our partnership with a non-profit organization in Africa, who build and install household water filtration systems in villages in Uganda and Kenya.

We put everyone into teams, and we explain that each team is sponsoring a water filtration system for a family in need. And each team is going to create a piece of artwork to decorate their family’s filtration system.

Team members work together in Virtual Breakout Rooms. We teach everyone how to use and share a Whiteboard to create their own unique, colorful and creative piece of art. When the artwork is complete the teams gather together in the Main Virtual Room, where they will show off their artwork with presentations.

After your event, the completed artwork will be turned into stickers that will ultimately be placed on household water filtration systems assembled and installed in homes in a remote village in Africa. Once a family receives a filter, our partners in Africa will take their picture with their new water filter clearly showing your artwork. You will see the photos of families with your artwork on the household water filtration systems - so you can actually see the people whose lives you have changed!

We can accommodate up to 100 People (12 Teams) in one Session.
We can run up to six simultaneous sessions allowing for over 600 people to participate at the same time.


$1,400 - $3,400

Pricing Details

Up to 28 People in 4 Teams: $1,800.00 21 to 40 People in 5 Teams: $2,200.00 41 to 48 People in 6 Teams: $2,600.00 49 to 56 People in 7 Teams: $3,000.00 57 to 64 People in 8 Teams: $3,400.00 Each Additional 8 People/1 Team: $400.00 Above Pricing includes Sponsorship of 1 Household Water Filtration System PER TEAM that will be built and installed in a village