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Feet First Eventertainment: Cyber Sleuths

Multiple Locations
Virtual Escape Rooms

Calling all codebreakers, word scramblers, and generally intelligent humans! It's time for CYBER SLEUTHS, a super-fun puzzle-based virtual version of an Escape Room!

Our professional hosts will welcome your group to a Zoom session, where you will be put into teams of about 6 to 7 people.

Each team will go into your own Breakout Room, where you will race against the other teams to solve a series of puzzles. Some puzzles might involve a knowledge of trivia or movies, others might be math-based, while others might have you looking at the world in a totally new way...! And the solution to each puzzle will have your team doing something unexpected (and usually pretty hilarious!)

We will keep score after each round, depending on the speed in which you solve each puzzle, and in a high-energy finale, we will announce the overall winning Cyber Sleuths Team at the end of the event!


$1,000 - $1,500

Pricing Details

Up to 20 People: $1,000.00 21 to 30 People: $1,150.00 31 to 40 People: $1,300.00 41 to 50 People: $1,500.00 51+ People: $30 per person