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Virtual Team Trivia Game

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Magical Memories Entertainment: Virtual Team Trivia Game

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Virtual Trivia Games

Virtual Team Trivia creates a comfortable team environment and brings more human interaction.

Virtual Team Trivia Game:
Virtual Team Trivia creates a comfortable team environment and brings more human interaction to virtual work force. This program will help teams connect with each other by working together to answer questions as fast as possible in order to gain more points than other teams. This game is a fun way to help employees feel part of a community and leads to higher employee morale and retention!

How It Works:
Teams will be split in to breakout rooms and asked to assign a team leader.
Team leaders will share their screen and be responsible for submitting questions.
A host will open the game, explain the rules and check in with all the teams.
You will get to select from a list of over 400 pre-made trivia topics
We can add a custom “bonus round” all about the organization
The questions will appear simultaneously on all screens so everyone has equal time to answer.
A live leader-board with show the rankings in real time.
Games can be branded with logo, name and event information.


$18 per person
$650 min

What's Included

- up to 30 participants for 1 hour is $650 + $18 per additional person


+ $350 per additional 30 min

Magical Memories Entertainment 3

Experiential Agency | Entertainment, Multiple Locations

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  • Written March 3, 2021Has hired Magical Memories Entertainment
    Magical Memories Entertainment is fantastic on so many levels. They are professional, talented, personable and will go out of their way to customize any event and make it special. I have hired them many times and they always come through for me. They have been offering so many wonderful and creative programs virtually which have really he
  • Written March 2, 2021Has hired Magical Memories Entertainment
    Magical Memories provides a huge range of entertainment services for both in-person and virtual events. They pivoted early during the Pandemic and are incredibly up to date with current and COVID-safe trends and responsibilities. Steven is incredibly knowledgeable and will work with you and your clients to help you plan a wonderful event.
  • Written September 16, 2021Has experienced Magical Memories Entertainment's work
    Magical Memories Entertainment (MME) is my go-to for all things virtual and in-person event fun! Any time I'm looking for a way to enhance my event with a form of entertainment or gamification, I go to MME for it. There have been times I've had unique requests that no one else could accommodate, but MME came through for me every time. I a