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We build human connection & culture through creativity. Our mission is to cultivate creative power through wonder & play. Participants will walk away inspired & more confident while teams will walk away with more empathy & a long lasting bond. 🙌

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Valentine's Mail Art (Virtual + LA) serviceValentine's Mail Art (Virtual + LA)

$50 - $100 per person | min $500

Suminagashi (NYC or Virtual) serviceSuminagashi (NYC or Virtual)

$75 - $125 per person | min $750

LEGO Serious Play (NYC + Virtual) serviceLEGO Serious Play (NYC + Virtual)

$75 - $100 per person | min $600

Pinhole Photography (NYC + Virtual) servicePinhole Photography (NYC + Virtual)

$100 per person | min $800

Visual Music (Virtual Only) serviceVisual Music (Virtual Only)

$30 - $60 per person | min $500

Mindful Listening (Virtual Only) serviceMindful Listening (Virtual Only)

$25 - $60 per person | min $500

Storytelling (NYC + Virtual) serviceStorytelling (NYC + Virtual)

$60 per person | min $750

Stop Motion Animation (Virtual or NYC) serviceStop Motion Animation (Virtual or NYC)

$50 - $100 per person | min $800

Haiku    (NYC + Virtual) serviceHaiku (NYC + Virtual)

$20 - $60 per person | min $750

Movement/Dance Party (NYC + Virtual) serviceMovement/Dance Party (NYC + Virtual)

$20 - $60 per person | min $750

Chess (NYC + Virtual) serviceChess (NYC + Virtual)

$75 per person | min $750

Reviews (8)
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  • Written January 10, 2022Has hired 28Muses
    My team had a great experience with a visual music class from 28Muses. Our instructor led a fun and thought-provoking session that was out-of-the-box from our usual social programming that everyone enjoyed. The process of booking and running the event was also easy and seamless. Highly recommend!
  • Written January 7, 2022Has hired 28Muses
    Helped our team get in touch with our inner artists. 28Muses corporate workshops were so powerful, useful, and fun that, wholly apart from work, I decided that my wife and I would do some for date night. Some of our best dates ever! So highly recommend 28Muses for both professional and personal growth.
  • Written December 18, 2021Has hired 28Muses
    The first day at my new job we contracted 28 Muses for a team building / creative exercise and it was so much fun and the best way to really get to know my team and made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend 28Muses if you're thinking of out of the box ideas that your team would love!
NYC Pier 25
New York, NY

Worked here 1x

NYC Washington Square Park
New York, NY

Worked here 1x

NYC Central Park
New York, NY

Worked here 1x

NYC + 12 Countries
New York, NY

Worked here 1x

NYC Brooklyn Bridge
New York, NY

Worked here 1x

NYC Hydra Studios
New York, NY

Worked here 1x

New York, NY

Worked here 1x

Client Office
San Francisco, CA

Worked here 1x