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New York, NY

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We build community across distance with imaginative, funky, and creative virtual events.





We are a virtual experiences company that offers fun and funky virtual events that you can't just get anywhere. We build our unique programs around signature talent and curate them with imagination and spunk. We assemble and ship event packages around the country and go the extra mile to customize and add flair to our boxes. We will also work with you to create custom programs and build them around your needs. Our founder, Joseph Gerstel, is a Harvard-trained, former lawyer, who left the law to do something fun, meaningful, and creative, and we are committed to not being boring. Feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions.

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Health & Safety

Staff is vaccinated against COVID-19
Requires proof of vaccination against COVID-19 for event attendees

We're a virtual events company. We have no health and safety requirements as of yet, but we will implement them as soon as we figure out how human stupidity can introduce a health and safety risk to a virtual event. In the meantime, we just require everyone to laugh and have lots of fun.


Written Jan 4, 2022

Has hired GetSomeClass

Joseph and the Get Some Class team are just amazing. I have been working with them for the greater part of 2021 and every event is fun, interactive, and really customized to fit the clients needs. I have always enjoyed their warm professionalism and timely communication! Scheduling events is always so easy and I am excited for all of the events we are going to work on in 2022 and beyond!

Written Jan 7, 2022

Has hired GetSomeClass

Our Dine & Rhyme party hosted by Get Some Class was an amazing experience! As a small business owner, I've had to select and work with multiple vendors for various services. By far, Joseph and his team were THEE best to partner with! Our corporate holiday celebration was a huge success! My employees and I had an amazing time. Although we were gathered virtually, the energy of the hosting team was so electric that it felt like we were all together in person! Chef Yankel, Issac (freestyle rapper), and Joseph Gerstel (emcee) had a synergy that worked to keep every one of us completely engaged. Joseph and his team at Get Some Class thought of every single detail that would make our experience a great one. From the quality of ingredients in our boxes to the entertainment during the event - everything was a PERFECT 10! Even the level of communication throughout the planning phase was exceptionally thorough. They kept us well-informed throughout the entire process and the outcome was exactly what we wanted - fun and entertaining! I absolutely loved working with them and I will definitely be a repeat customer. ~Les Lewis, CEO | Copial Business Strategists, LLC ( CB STRAT)

Written Mar 15, 2022

Has hired GetSomeClass

From the start, the communication and follow up have been excellent! That takes a lot of stress away from event organizers. Joseph has been nothing but flexible, creative and supportive and was able to translate our needs into a fun virtual event. DJ Lee and his team did a great job engaging with our audiences from all over the world, we had fun! I can highlight recommend GetSomeClass and want to thank you all for making our events a success!

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Do you work for GetSomeClass? Contact us to learn more about who's managing this profile or gain access.

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