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Speed Sketchers Caricatures

Speed Sketchers Caricatures

Speed Sketchers Caricatures: Speed Sketchers Caricatures

Multiple Locations
Virtual Live Sketching

Genuinely engaging interactive and entertainment with individuals and groups of people online

We can draw over 100 people in a 3 hour event in black and white or color while creating a community social experience where people can chat and visit while they watch us draw the other guests. One of most enjoyable things about the virtual experience is the personal touch we can put on each interaction. Often we get to draw other family...

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What's Included

A typical event is around 3 hours. We can draw in color or black and white. Drawings take between 1 - 5 minutes per person. We have a 1 hour minimum booking. Set up takes about 15 minutes. All drawings are hosted in a dropbox folder together and the link will be sent to you to distribute. (which is a bonus when everyone knows each other!) Additionally we can collect the email addresses of attendees so that the artwork is easy to distribute.


We can add a logo or message to your artwork. We have many options to help your guests be social and share their artwork and virtual experience with their friends, family and coworkers

Pricing Details

Pricing varies. Minimum booking is for 1 hour.

Speed Sketchers Caricatures

Live Art, Multiple Locations