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Fast Draw Fun


DougalArt: Fast Draw Fun

Lebanon, CT
Virtual Live Sketching

A fun cartooning presentation, in which Bill Dougal draws shapes, turns them into things, then turns it upside-down and turns that into something else. Kids love it, but so do general audiences and seniors. Great creativity session for adults.

Schools appreciate it as an original way to get kids excited about geometry and drawing skills. It’s also about creativity and problem solving. Or it can be seen as entertainment with drawing gags, 2 sided props, humor and a theme song. Family friendly.

$250 - $600

What's Included

45 minute presentation


30 minute extension can make it a workshop, where Bill leads participants in drawings. [75 min.]

Pricing Details

Show; $250 Workshop; $300 Pre-recorded Video; $50


Live Art, Lebanon, CT