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DougalArt: Caricatures

Lebanon, CT
Virtual Live Sketching

Bill draws caricatures with likeness, style and speed. Any party or business function can make use of a quick draw artist. People love the personalized attention, and the gift, as we can email or mail the art as well.

How it works; Bill draws on paper, as he views individuals on his screen. A camera showing his drawing paper is logged in as well, so others can watch and chat. We can email or mail the art as well. This works great at small meetings. Large parties benefit as well; Even if everyone doesn’t get drawn there is an entertainment value, as...

$130 per hour
$150 min

What's Included

- Entertainment of seeing caricature likenesses develop. - Caricatures for individuals drawn. {emailed}


- USPS mailing of original art. Postage and $10 handling fee.

Pricing Details

$130 per hr. 2 hr min. [ $150 for 1 hr. Only] The more hours the better.