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Louisville, KY and St. Louis, MO

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Memorable and Engaging Spirited Tasting Experiences (Because no one remembers an event because of the salad.)





It all started back in 2011 with one simple goal – to spread the Bourbon Gospel. And for the past several years we’ve had a hell of a time doing it. Through our shared love of America’s native spirit we’ve met new people, swapped stories and even starred in few of our own. But, along the way, we realized we had stumbled into something far more interesting, and frankly more fulfilling, than whatever was in our glass at the time. A remarkable kinship – born in bourbon, but cemented through genuine curiosity for the world of liquor and the resulting unfiltered conversations we call banter. It’s a big reason we’re here today and the soul of what we’re planning for tomorrow. We’ve got our sights on going beyond spreading the Bourbon Gospel. We’re looking to unite a band of curious drinkers, original thinkers and just downright candid folks over intoxicating conversation. In renewing our commitment to unpretentious booze reviews, approachable content, and honest barstool talk, we’re creating a community fueled by personal passion and opinion unlike any other. With a colorful cast of characters – from professional palates and cocktail connoisseurs to casual drinkers and bottom-shelf dwellers – our opinions may be varied but our mission singular: to help you drink curious. Please, pull up a chair and let the banter begin.

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Written Dec 21, 2020

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We had an amazing virtual whiskey tasting experience for our team holiday party this year. Bourbon & Banter created cute customized kits with perfect sizes of whiskey samples, cups, and a branded tasting menu that were mailed to each guest. "Pops "was incredibly knowledgable about all of the ins and outs of the world of whiskey. He left openings for questions and discussions that kept our team engaged throughout the entire experience. Definitely would recommend.


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