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PHILANTHROPIC / CSR Team building is the most important investment you can make for your people. We provide exciting and engaging experiences to companies nation-wide and abroad, both face-to-face and virtually.

Bringing the excitement of the Indy 500 and the Kentucky Derby, and adding in hand-painted noisemakers is what makes Shake, Rock, N’ Roll a hit! Designed to benefit younger, underserved children, your team will assemble rocking horses and tricycles, and hand paint maracas, all of which will be donated to a local philanthropic organization that serves tykes in need. Of course, none of our exciting, competitive experiences are ever that easy, and always contain many more elements than simply assembling or decorating toys for tots. So grab your charitable spirit, pull up your riding boots, and jump in the driver’s seat, as this afternoon in the philanthropic fast lane is like no other.

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What's Included

Price includes experience design, materials, production, professional facilitation, and staffing. Unless there are extenuating circumstances there are NO travel charges added on to the price of an experience. We consider that part of the cost of delivering a phenomenal experience to our clients.


We recognize that, as a result of a multitude of factors, no two experiences are ever the same. Subsequently, we happily customize each experience, based upon the characteristics presented. Premier Team Building & Interactive Experiences wants to make your team building and corporate events as special and hassle-free as possible. As a result, we are set up as a “one-stop shop,” able to enhance your experience with customized t-shirts, bandanas, hats, towels, or other items. We handle the ordering, shipping, and handling of promotional items to heighten the excitement of your program and your participants’ experiences.

Pricing Details

Pricing is based upon participant count. Please contact us, directly, for pricing, additional information, and FAQs & Answers.

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