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Escape from Antarctica

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Adventure Architects: Escape from Antarctica

Victoria, Canada
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Virtual Escape Rooms

An immersive and visually stunning VIRTUAL escape room for teams!

Our flagship experience - Escape from Antarctica - can accommodate 6-100 people, in as little as one hour, from the comfort of the home office. You can expect your group to curse, laugh, and scratch their head as they collaborate on a mix of physical and intellectual challenges; improvise creatively, and tackle unexpected plot twists head-on.


$40 - $95 per person
$950 min

What's Included

-This event includes approximately 60mins of game-play for a single group (less than 10 people) or multiple groups (if total group size exceeds 10 people). -Within our base price, we also include an optional (a) 15 minute award ceremony, or (b) facilitated debrief session (how did we perform? what did we learn?).


-If desired, we can add a creative assignment to enhance the storyline and help the group get into their roles. -For an additional fee, we can also offer BOTH the (a) 15 minute award ceremony AND (b) facilitated debrief session. -Please enquire for more details.

Pricing Details

-Our base price (or event minimum) is $950 which includes up to 10 people. -Above and beyond 10 people, we charge $40 per person. -Example: If you have 20 people, 10 are covered by ($950), and the additional 10 people cost $40 each. -$950 (Base price) + $400 = $1350 total. -This price doesn't include any optional add-ons or credit card processing fee (if paid by card).

Adventure Architects

Planning & Production, Victoria, Canada and South Lake Tahoe, CA

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