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Connection! Whether you are a brand, consumer or just looking for a resource we are here. Collaborative experiential lifestyle agency that uses discovery, story-telling and consumer journeys to create valuable touch points throughout the experience.





MKTG is a global lifestyle marketing agency – comprised of pioneers and practitioners of live events, sports and entertainment, sponsorship, enterprise/B2B, and retail innovation. Our outlook on marketing is simple, the more human a brand can be, the more people will connect to it and value adopting it. Our job is to humanize brands and connect them to passionate communities everywhere. Our goal is to connect with brands and partners that share our values. We focus on discovery, story telling and the consumer journey to create value through every touch point of an engagement to connect with as many consumers as possible. We love to collaborate with all brands no matter what stage of the process they are in to be able to help tell their story in a way that ties everything together and creates personal connections with consumers. We don't want to just be an agency that does cool stuff, but we want to be known as an agency that listens, is a true partner with brands and is a true collaborator from start to finish.

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Do you work for MKTG? Contact us to learn more about who's managing this profile or gain access.

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