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Hosting an event in Boerum Hill, New York

Boerum Hill in New York City offers a vibrant and distinctive atmosphere that makes it an ideal location to host a corporate event. This neighborhood exudes a captivating city vibe combined with a rich cultural heritage, creating an unparalleled experience for professionals and attendees. Boerum Hill is renowned for its charming brownstone-lined streets, artisanal shops, and top-notch dining options that cater to all tastes and preferences. \n\nOne notable landmark in Boerum Hill is the Barclay's Center, a world-class sports and entertainment venue that can provide an unmatched setting for corporate gatherings. Additionally, the neighborhood is home to gorgeous parks like the Boerum Hill Triangle and the Brooklyn Bridge Park, which offer great spaces for outdoor activities and team-building exercises. Cultural enthusiasts can explore the nearby Brooklyn Museum or visit the Brooklyn Academy of Music for an artistic experience.\n\nMoreover, Boerum Hill boasts excellent transport links, making it easily accessible for attendees coming from all parts of the city. With its unique mix of modern amenities and captivating local culture, Boerum Hill in New York is an exceptional choice to host a corporate event that attendees will remember for years to come.

Most recommended venues in Boerum Hill, New York

Ace Hotel Brooklyn


Inspired by Boerum Hill’s intersection of urban and residential, AceHotel Brooklyn embraces the diverse and culturally rich fabric of thecity, opening its doors to its inhabitants and visitors as a centrallylocated gathering space for creative communities. With multipleskylights, large scale public artwork, communal spaces for working,relaxing and celebrating special occasions, the hotel extends out intothe city as a throughway and generous canvas for experiences of allkind. Our first hotel in Brooklyn, we built it from the ground-up, cullinginspiration from Le Corbusier, Brooklyn’s rich history of artists’ spacesand storied stoop culture.

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Cloe's Corner

Event Space

Cloe’s Corner is a coworking space and social club invested in the development and growth of your brand. With carefully curated seminars, workshops and networking events, our space provides the ideal environment for the freelance entrepreneurial and remote worker to thrive. We equip our members with the tools necessary to succeed in an ever changing world and provide access to a like minded community to offer support, inspiration and growth. As a member of our exclusive Brooklyn, New York, location you not only gain access to our amazing community and educational tools but the content creation equipment to stand out amongst your peers and let your business blossom.

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Roulette Intermedium

Event Space

A revitalized 1928 theater in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, Roulette features a dramatic proscenium and charming balcony, seating for up to 400, unsurpassed acoustics and sight lines, and superb production equipment. The 6,000-square-foot theater is a stunning, adaptable, and well-equipped setting for events of all types. It is conveniently located a block away from the Barclays Center and Atlantic Terminal in Downtown Brooklyn.

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Event Space

Our space is a unique, 5,000 square feet. Exposed brick throughout our three main rooms. Deity’s creator, with the help of local Brooklyn artists designed and built the one of a kind venue. Some of the features include a Art Deco era facade with a custom tree branch iron gate entrance. Which leads into luxurious space, the Lounge. With handmade stained glass artwork and a full bar. Velvet banquette seating is under the branches of an indoor tree of life. The Lounge is perfect cocktail hour and receptions.The upstairs ceremony & dining room, the Loft, reached by a secret door. The Loft offers original brick and arched window backdrop for your cozy ceremony and or head table. Finally, to cap off the night, a dramatic arched stairwell down to the Cellar. Featuring a stunning Wedding Cake area, dance floor, DJ booth, disco ball and “Brooklyn Love” light sign.On top of all this special venue is an exclusive Bridal Suite available for your Wedding day. A romantic space with blue velvet curtains, natural light, kitchen, 2 bath rooms, and a copper soaking tub. This space provides a place to get ready with your bridal party and a great opportunity to take lots of photos. There’s more! The crown of our building is the Deity Rooftop with sweeping views of Downtown Brooklyn. A 10 x 10 hot tub/pool in the outdoors makes the rooftop almost too good to be true.

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The Atlantic BKLN

Event Space

The Atlantic BKLN recently opened its doors in February of 2022 and is quickly becoming known as one of the best sounding venues of its size in the city. As well as featuring reputable musicians from around the world specializing in jazz, blues, folk and more, The Atlantic BKLN is an exceptional space for private functions and events. Our goal is to provide a space and resources to make your event a memorable one! We provide a state of the art backline, lighting, spacious dance floor, one of the best sound systems in the area and references to numerous event essentials and vendors such as: caterers, florists, DJs, live party and karaoke bands, bakeries and more!

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When Koreans meet, instead of simply saying hello we ask if you’ve had a good meal. When our far-away parents call to check on us, they ask how we’re eating. Sharing well-prepared, thoughtful meals is a central part of our life, and it’s an experience we want to share with you at Atti.The atmosphere may be modern, but when you gather around one of our individual grill tables you are participating in a Korean experience that has existed for generations. Take the time to cook your own tender wagyu, marinated prime galbi and cured meats while you enjoy the company of friends and family and take part in a tradition that is central to the Korean experience.As the grill sizzles and smokes, you will enjoy side dishes that showcase the very best in Korean cuisine like kimchi, pickles, vegetables, casseroles, and Korean delicacies that will soon become new favorites. Why so much? In Korea, the experience of dining around a balanced, bountiful table has its own word: han sang. At Atti, it’s what we do.

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Grand Army


Grand Army is a neighborhood bar and restaurant in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn serving innovative cocktails and a seasonal, sustainable seafood-focused menu.

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Neighborhood guide to Boerum Hill, New York

What is the best way to get around Boerum Hill, New York?

The best way to get around Boerum Hill is by utilizing the extensive subway, bus, and public transportation systems available in New York City. The neighborhood is conveniently serviced by several subway lines, including the F and G trains, which provide easy access to other parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Additionally, several bus routes pass through Boerum Hill, offering further transportation options. Public transportation in New York City is generally reliable and efficient, allowing visitors and residents alike to navigate the city with ease. Whether you're attending a corporate event or exploring the neighborhood, utilizing the subway, bus, and public transportation systems is the most convenient and cost-effective way to get around Boerum Hill.

What are the top venues to host an event in Boerum Hill?

If you are looking to host a corporate event in Boerum Hill, there are several top places that can provide the perfect setting. One option is the Brooklyn Winery, which offers a sophisticated and stylish atmosphere with a large event space and a variety of customizable packages. Another great choice is the Green Building, a converted warehouse that features a rustic yet modern design and can accommodate both large and small corporate gatherings. For a more unique setting, you can consider 501 Union, a renovated factory building with multiple event spaces that can be tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, the Invisible Dog Art Center offers a creative and artistic ambiance, perfect for hosting innovative corporate events. Lastly, the Roulette Intermedium is a versatile venue that combines a concert hall and a gallery space, ideal for hosting presentations or performances as part of your corporate event.

What is the vibe of Boerum Hill?

Boerum Hill has a charming and laid-back vibe. It boasts picturesque tree-lined streets, historic brownstones, and a tight-knit community feel. Smith Street, the neighborhood's main thoroughfare, is known for its trendy boutiques, cozy coffee shops, and an array of dining options. The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), a cultural institution, is a prominent landmark in the area. Boerum Hill's proximity to various subway lines makes it easily accessible for attendees. With its unique character, warm ambiance, and diverse culinary scene, Boerum Hill provides a welcoming and intimate setting for a corporate event.

What are fun things to do in Boerum Hill?

Boerum Hill features a range of enjoyable activities and sights for visitors. Take a leisurely stroll along Smith Street, the neighborhood's main thoroughfare, lined with charming boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. Discover the neighborhood's rich history by exploring the elegant brownstone architecture that characterizes Boerum Hill. Visit the Invisible Dog Art Center, a unique multidisciplinary arts space hosting exhibitions, performances, and workshops. For a dose of nature, head to the beautiful Carroll Park, offering green space for relaxation and sports. End your day on a high note by savoring delicious cocktails and small plates at the popular Brooklyn Inn, a historic bar with a cozy ambiance.

What is the history of Boerum Hill?

Boerum Hill is a historic neighborhood in Brooklyn. It was named after the Boerums, a wealthy Dutch-American family. The area was originally farmland and was later developed into a residential district in the 19th century. Boerum Hill was known for its elegant brownstones and rowhouses, which attracted affluent residents. The neighborhood experienced a decline in the mid-20th century but underwent a revitalization in the 1980s and 1990s. Today, Boerum Hill is a sought-after neighborhood with a mix of residential and commercial spaces. It is known for its charming streets, vibrant dining scene, and proximity to cultural attractions like the Brooklyn Academy of Music.