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London is a vibrant and diverse city that offers the perfect backdrop for hosting a corporate event. Its unique blend of historical charm and modern energy creates a dynamic city vibe that is sure to impress attendees. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage, with iconic landmarks like the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum showcasing the city's remarkable history. London's diverse neighborhoods, such as trendy Shoreditch, upscale Mayfair, and bustling Covent Garden, offer a variety of experiences for attendees to explore during their downtime. The ExCeL London, located in the heart of the city, is a world-class convention center that provides state-of-the-art facilities for hosting large-scale events. Surrounding the convention center, there is a wide range of hotels and event venues that cater to various needs and budgets, ensuring a seamless experience for organizers and attendees alike.

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City guide to London

What is the timezone in London?

London is in the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Time Zone (GMT).

What is the best time of year to visit London?

London has something to offer all year round, so the best time to plan an event really depends on your specific preferences. Spring and summer are popular times due to the milder weather and longer days, which offer more opportunities for outdoor activities and sightseeing. Autumn and winter can also be beautiful in London, with crisp weather and festive celebrations throughout the holiday season. Another factor to consider is major events and holidays that may impact the availability of venues and accommodate accommodations. Regardless of the time of year, London offers a wealth of venues, attractions, and activities to make any corporate event a success.

What are the best ways of getting around in London?

The best way to get around London is by using the city's world-famous public transportation system. From Heathrow Airport, visitors can take the Piccadilly Line on the London Underground or the Heathrow Express train to reach central London. The Tube is also the easiest way to travel around the city, with a network of 11 different lines covering most areas of the capital. Buses and taxis are also widely available, though traffic can be heavy during peak hours. It's recommended to plan ahead and allow extra time for travel during busy periods. Mobile apps like Citymapper or Google Maps can help visitors navigate the city's public transportation system with ease.

What are some notable landmarks in London?

  1. Big Ben
    Iconic clock tower located in the heart of London. Big Ben is known for its distinctive architecture and its famous chimes that mark the hours.

  2. Tower Bridge
    An iconic symbol of London, Tower Bridge is a stunning example of Victorian engineering. Visitors can walk across the bridge, enjoying panoramic views of the city from the high-level walkways.

  3. Buckingham Palace
    The official residence of the British monarch, Buckingham Palace is a must-visit landmark in London. Visitors can watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony or explore the beautiful State Rooms during the summer months.

  4. The British Museum
    One of the world's largest and most comprehensive museums, the British Museum houses a vast collection of art and historical artifacts. From ancient Egyptian mummies to the Rosetta Stone, there is something for everyone to discover.

How is the seasonal weather in London?

The weather in London varies throughout the year. In the spring (March-May), temperatures range from 10-15°C (50-59°F) with occasional rain showers. Summer (June-August) brings mild temperatures of 18-25°C (64-77°F) and longer daylight hours. Autumn (September-November) is characterized by crisp temperatures of 10-15°C (50-59°F) and occasional rain. Winter (December-February) sees temperatures of 2-8°C (36-46°F) and occasional snow or frost. Corporate event planners should consider these seasonal variations when planning outdoor activities or selecting venues.

What are significant annual events in London?

London hosts a vibrant range of annual cultural events and business conferences that cater to the interests of corporate event planners. From the prestigious London Fashion Week and the critically acclaimed London Design Festival, to the renowned World Travel Market and the influential London Tech Week, there is something for every industry. These events provide unique networking opportunities, cutting-edge insights, and inspiration that can elevate corporate events to new heights.

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Mayfair, the upscale neighborhood in London, has a rich history and exudes an air of elegance. Known for its luxurious residences, upscale boutiques, and art galleries, Mayfair is a hub of sophistication. Landmarks like the iconic Claridge's Hotel and the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts highlight the neighborhood's grandeur. Corporate event planners can choose from a plethora of exclusive venues, including the lavish May Fair Hotel and the opulent Grosvenor House. With regular events like the Mayfair Art Weekend and the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park nearby, Mayfair offers a unique blend of refined charm and vibrant cultural experiences.

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Kensington, located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, is an iconic neighborhood in London that radiates elegance and sophistication. With a rich history dating back to the 17th century, this prestigious area boasts grand Georgian and Victorian architecture, including the magnificent Kensington Palace and Gardens. The neighborhood's charming streets are home to exclusive boutiques, high-end restaurants, and renowned hotels like The Milestone Hotel and The Kensington Hotel. Corporate event planners will appreciate the neighborhood's elegant venues, such as The Royal Garden Hotel and The Roof Gardens, providing a perfect backdrop for memorable events. From regular art exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum to the annual Notting Hill Carnival nearby, Kensington offers a vibrant cultural scene that caters to diverse interests.

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Notting Hill

Notting Hill, located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, is a vibrant neighborhood in London known for its rich history, eclectic vibe, and unique attractions. This famous area is home to the world-famous Portobello Road Market, where visitors can discover vintage treasures and enjoy street performances. Notting Hill is also famous for its annual Notting Hill Carnival, Europe's largest street festival celebrating Caribbean culture. This diverse neighborhood is dotted with charming cafes, boutiques, and galleries, including the iconic Bookshop featured in the film "Notting Hill." With its picturesque streets and cultural offerings, Notting Hill provides the perfect backdrop for corporate events that stand out.

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Shoreditch, London's vibrant neighborhood, is a hub of creativity and innovation. With a rich history as a center for trade and textiles, Shoreditch has transformed into a dynamic district with a unique blend of modern and historic landmarks. Its vibrant vibe is palpable, with a bustling street art scene and trendy shops like Boxpark. Landmarks such as the famous Old Spitalfields Market and the iconic Brick Lane set the stage for regular events like the Brick Lane Sunday Upmarket, attracting locals and visitors alike. For corporate event planners, Shoreditch offers unique venues such as The Hoxton Hotel and Shoreditch Town Hall, perfect for creating unforgettable experiences.

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Covent Garden

Covent Garden, a vibrant neighborhood in London, rich in history and charm, is a perfect destination for corporate events. Once a fruit and vegetable market, it now boasts an array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The neighborhood's energetic vibe is enhanced by street performers, creating an exciting atmosphere for attendees. Landmarks like the iconic Royal Opera House and St. Paul's Church add grandeur to the surroundings. Regular events such as the Covent Garden Christmas Lights Switch-On and the Covent Garden Summer Festival offer unique experiences. With its captivating history, lively ambiance, and impressive landmarks, Covent Garden is an ideal choice for corporate events.

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FAQs when planning an event in London

What type of corporate team building events are popular in London?

Some popular corporate team building events in London include escape rooms, treasure hunts, cooking challenges, and river cruises. These activities provide opportunities for colleagues to work together, communicate effectively, and build strong relationships. London's vibrant and diverse cityscape offers a range of unique team building experiences, such as historic pub crawls, street art workshops, and even Harry Potter-themed adventures. With so much to offer, London ensures that corporate teams can engage in exciting and memorable activities.

What type of cuisine should I expect in London?

London offers a diverse and vibrant culinary scene that caters to all tastes. Business travelers can expect a wide range of cuisines, from traditional British fare to international flavors. Indulge in classic fish and chips, try a hearty Sunday roast, or explore the city's multicultural neighborhoods for diverse options like Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and more. London's food scene is ever-evolving and ensures an exciting gastronomic journey for every visitor.

What attractions and activities are available for corporate event attendees in London?

London offers a diverse range of attractions and activities for corporate event attendees. They can explore iconic landmarks like the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum. Enjoy West End shows or catch a cricket match at Lord's Cricket Ground. Take a Thames River cruise or experience the vibrant food scene in Borough Market. Relax in Hyde Park or visit the trendy neighborhoods of Shoreditch or Notting Hill.