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Jackson Hole is the perfect destination for a corporate event, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and upscale amenities. The city's vibrant and welcoming vibe is a testament to its rich culture and western heritage. This extraordinary place is renowned for its stunning landmarks, like the iconic Grand Teton National Park and the majestic Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The Town Square, with its distinctive antler arches, is a favorite gathering spot, capturing the essence of Jackson Hole's charm. Popular neighborhoods like Jackson, Teton Village, and Wilson offer a variety of dining and shopping options to explore. Nestled in the heart of Jackson Hole, the Jackson Hole Convention Center is an ideal venue for corporate events, with nearby hotels and event spaces providing convenient accommodation and additional meeting facilities. The proximity to attractions such as Snow King Mountain and the National Elk Refuge makes Jackson Hole an unforgettable destination for both work and play.

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City guide to Jackson Hole

What is the timezone in Jackson Hole?

Jackson Hole is in the Mountain Time Zone (MT).

What is the best time of year to visit Jackson Hole?

The weather in Jackson Hole can vary greatly depending on the season. In winter, expect cold temperatures and heavy snowfall—great for skiing and winter sports. Spring brings milder temperatures and occasional rain, while summer offers warm days perfect for outdoor activities. Fall showcases cool temperatures and stunning foliage. Corporate event planners should consider the appropriate attire and activities for each season.

What are the best ways of getting around in Jackson Hole?

The best way to get around Jackson Hole is by renting a car. This gives visitors the freedom to explore the area at their leisure and easily access the city center and surrounding attractions. There are also several shuttle services available for transportation to and from the airport. Public transportation options are limited, but the START Bus provides service to Teton Village and other nearby areas. Traffic delays can occur during peak tourist season, so it's important to plan accordingly and allow extra time for travel.

What are some notable landmarks in Jackson Hole?

  1. National Elk Refuge
    Home to one of the largest elk herds in the world, the National Elk Refuge is a must-visit landmark in Jackson Hole. Visitors can take a scenic sleigh ride through the refuge to get up close and personal with these majestic animals.

  2. Grand Teton National Park
    With its stunning mountain views, pristine lakes, and abundant wildlife, Grand Teton National Park offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. Hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife spotting are just a few of the activities to enjoy in this iconic park.

  3. Jackson Town Square
    Located in the heart of downtown Jackson, the town square is a bustling hub of activity. Surrounded by unique shops, art galleries, and restaurants, the square is also famous for its iconic antler arches, made from the antlers shed by the local elk population.

  4. National Museum of Wildlife Art
    Situated on a dramatic bluff overlooking the National Elk Refuge, the National Museum of Wildlife Art showcases an impressive collection of artwork celebrating the beauty and diversity of the natural world. Visitors can admire works by renowned artists and learn about wildlife conservation.

How is the seasonal weather in Jackson Hole?

The weather in Jackson Hole varies throughout the year. In winter, expect cold temperatures and ample snowfall, ideal for winter sports. Spring brings milder temperatures and occasional rain showers. Summers are warm with low humidity, perfect for outdoor activities. Fall showcases beautiful foliage but can bring cooler temperatures. Corporate event planners should consider these seasonal factors when planning an event in Jackson Hole.

What are significant annual events in Jackson Hole?

Jackson Hole is renowned for its annual cultural events and business conferences. The town hosts a variety of art festivals, music concerts, and film screenings, offering attendees a vibrant cultural experience. Additionally, the destination attracts numerous business conferences and conventions throughout the year, providing professionals with excellent networking opportunities and cutting-edge industry insights. With its stunning natural beauty and world-class amenities, Jackson Hole is an ideal location for both cultural and corporate events.

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Downtown Jackson

Downtown Jackson in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is a historic neighborhood with a vibrant ambiance. Steeped in western heritage, it offers a mix of rustic charm and modern amenities. Landmarks like the iconic Town Square with its signature elk antler arches are must-see attractions. Exciting regular events such as the famous Jackson Hole Rodeo and the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival add to the local buzz. Unique attributes include upscale boutiques like Made, showcasing local artisans, and gourmet eateries like The Blue Lion, offering a taste of the Wild West. Downtown Jackson is the ideal destination for corporate events seeking a blend of Western authenticity and contemporary flair.

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East Jackson

The East Jackson neighborhood in Jackson Hole is a vibrant and historic area that offers a unique blend of local charm and stunning natural beauty. With a rich history dating back to the early 1900s, this neighborhood has become a favorite among corporate event planners seeking a distinctive setting for their gatherings. The vibe here is laid-back and welcoming, with a tight-knit community that takes pride in preserving its western heritage. Visitors can explore landmarks such as the iconic Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and the historic Jackson Town Square. Regular events, like the Jackson Hole Rodeo and the weekly Farmers Market, offer guests an authentic taste of local culture. Don't miss the unique attributes of East Jackson, including the National Museum of Wildlife Art and the stunning views of the Tetons from Snow King Mountain.

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Teton Village

Teton Village, nestled at the base of the majestic Teton Mountain Range, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. Once a small ski area, it has grown into a premier destination for corporate events. The village exudes a lively and sophisticated vibe, with luxurious accommodations like the Four Seasons Resort and the Snake River Lodge & Spa. Landmarks such as the iconic tram, Bridger Gondola, and the challenging Jackson Hole Mountain Resort attract outdoor enthusiasts year-round. Regular events, including the famous Jackson Hole Mountain Festival, provide entertainment and networking opportunities for corporate groups. Teton Village truly is a captivating destination for unforgettable corporate events.

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The Wilson neighborhood of Jackson Hole is a hidden gem for corporate event planners seeking a unique and charming locale. Steeped in history, this vibrant neighborhood offers a laid-back vibe that perfectly complements its stunning natural surroundings. Visitors can explore iconic landmarks such as the Wilson Elementary School and the charming Wilson Backcountry Sports store. Regular events like the Wilson Street Fair showcase local artisans and musicians, adding to the neighborhood's distinctive charm. With its picturesque landscapes and warm atmosphere, Wilson is the perfect backdrop for unforgettable corporate events.

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Jackson Hole

Welcome to the charming neighborhood of Jackson Hole. Known for its rich history and vibrant atmosphere, this neighborhood offers a unique experience for corporate event planners. Immerse yourself in the Old West vibe as you explore landmarks such as the iconic Antler Arches in Town Square and the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Don't miss the regular events like the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival and the Jackson Hole Rodeo, which bring the community together. With its stunning natural beauty and world-class resorts like the Four Seasons Jackson Hole, this neighborhood is the perfect destination for your next corporate event.

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FAQs when planning an event in Jackson Hole

What type of corporate team building events are popular in Jackson Hole?

Corporate team building events that are popular in Jackson Hole include outdoor activities such as river rafting, hiking, and mountain biking. The area's natural beauty and unique terrain make it an ideal location for these types of team building activities. Companies can also participate in wildlife safaris, cowboy cookouts, and archery lessons to immerse themselves in the Western culture of Jackson Hole. Additionally, team building events can be customized to include snowmobiling, skiing, and snowshoeing during the winter months. Jackson Hole offers a variety of team building opportunities that combine adventure, nature, and local culture to create a memorable experience for all participants.

What type of cuisine should I expect in Jackson Hole?

In Jackson Hole, business travelers can expect to find a unique blend of cuisines that reflect the region's Western heritage and natural surroundings. From hearty steaks and game meats to fresh trout and locally sourced ingredients, the culinary scene offers a taste of the Old West with a modern twist. Additionally, you'll find a variety of international flavors scattered throughout the town, satisfying diverse taste buds and ensuring everyone finds something to enjoy.

What attractions and activities are available for corporate event attendees in Jackson Hole?

Jackson Hole offers an array of attractions and activities for corporate event attendees. They can explore Grand Teton National Park, go on guided wildlife tours, or experience thrilling activities like whitewater rafting and hot air balloon rides. Attendees can also enjoy skiing or snowboarding during the winter months or take part in team-building activities such as horseback riding or zip-lining. Afterward, they can unwind at local breweries, art galleries, or indulge in the region's renowned dining scene.