Hosting an event in a bar or club in Austin

Hosting an event at a bar or club in Austin is an excellent choice for corporate event planners. Known as the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin is a vibrant city that embraces its unique culture and offers a diverse array of entertainment options. The city's lively atmosphere and friendly locals create an inviting and fun environment for attendees. Several popular bars and clubs in Austin serve as ideal event venues, such as The Belmont, an elegant space with an outdoor patio and stage, and The Mohawk, known for its excellent live music performances and rooftop deck. For a more laid-back vibe, the iconic The Continental Club with its retro atmosphere and live music showcases is a popular choice. Overall, hosting an event at a bar or club in Austin ensures a memorable experience that perfectly captures the energetic and creative spirit of the city.

Most recommended bars and clubs in Austin

Spare Birdie

With eight bowling lanes you’re welcome to "laissez les bons temps rouler". The sport that predates the Roman Empire, Jesus Christ, and the first Olympic Games can be enjoyed with our delectable food and drink options. Bring your friends, your family–or just yourself–and enjoy this classic pastime in modern, luxurious digs. Spare Birdie is installing Full Swing simulation software, which is a fully immersive augmented reality golfing experience. Industry-leading camera-based and infrared patented dual tracking technology allows you to seamlessly hit a real ball into the virtual space- without it ricocheting off the walls. The centerpiece of Spare Birdie is our full bar where you can get adventurous with a signature cocktail or settle into a classic old fashioned. Whatever your tastes, sidle up and get down to it. There will be plenty of board games to play, football to watch, and cold beer to drink.

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South River City

Superstition is an elite multi-room nightclub in Austin, Texas. Channeling the energy of the 1970s, Superstition combines world class entertainment including DJs and live performances with elevated bottle service and exclusive VIP spaces in the largest dance club in downtown Austin.

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Las Bis


Las Bis is a terrace bar and lounge on the 8th floor of Hyatt Centric Congress Avenue. Featuring a small menu of playfully plated appetizers, craft cocktails, and natural and biodynamic wines, Las Bis is a perfect perch to take in views of Congress Avenue while joining friends for a small bite or late-night cocktail.

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Bosses Office


Bosses Office is a Neighborhood Speakeasy-Style Cocktail Bar & Lounge. We are a gathering place that embraces Community, Hospitality & Innovation. We believe in combining Modern Technologies & Old Fashioned practices. We are conceptual & believe in playfully pushing boundaries. From the Jacoby Restaurant Group.

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Sans Bar

Central East Austin

Something is happening across the globe. In big cities and small towns, the conversation about our collective relationship with alcohol has given rise to something we have never experienced before. The dry movement is a decision to be fully present in a world that distracts us from our purpose, and tells us the solution for deep human connection and fun can only be found inside of a bottle. We believe history will look back on this movement 20 years from today, and recognize that We revolutionized the wellness and beverage industries, while reshaping higher education and work culture. We are sober curious. We are sober sometimes. We are in recovery. We are allies of those who abstain for whatever reason. This movement is about so much more than curated depictions of what it means to be alcohol-free. This is not prohibition. This is not an impotent rage against the machine of Big Alcohol. This movement is thinking bigger than viral hot takes and call-outs. Above all, We are inclusive. We welcome all voices, all pathways, and all mental health conditions because shame or loneliness should never be the cause of death for anyone. Ever.

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Rabbit Hole Neighborhood Bar

A neighborhood bar, live music, craft cocktails, and cold local beer.

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Tweedy's Bar

North University

We've got a huge selection of beers on tap, delicious cocktails and great coffee. See you on the patio.

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East Cesar Chavez

The perfect spot to host anything from a spirits tasting class to a birthday gathering; better yet, combine the two! Best suited for groups of 20 or under.

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Watertrade at Otoko

South River City

Watertrade is the intimate japanese-style cocktail bar, attached to Otoko. It features an extensive list of specialty Japanese whiskies, sake + craft cocktails curated around ingredient seasonality. Guests of Watertrade also have access to a limited izakaya-style menu featuring bar bites and specialty dishes from the Otoko culinary team.

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Factors to consider when planning an event in a bar or club in Austin

When planning a corporate event at a bar or club in Austin, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, the location should be easily accessible and offer ample parking options for attendees. Consider the layout of the venue and ensure it can accommodate the desired flow and setup of the event. The ambiance of the bar or club should align with the corporate brand and theme of the event. Additionally, the capacity of the space should be suitable for the expected number of guests. Take into account the time of year and consider any notable landmarks or events happening in the city that may affect transportation options, such as South by Southwest (SXSW). Austin boasts a well-connected airport and a variety of transportation options, including ride-sharing services and public transportation.

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