Elvie @ CES 2020

January 2020
Tradeshow / Expo Activation
Las Vegas, NV
20,000+ Attendees
From Hunters Point
After being named Best New Product 2019 at CES, Elvie planned to return to the heavily influential media and trade show. With new product updates in the works, Elvie wanted to demonstrate the premium quality of its product while supporting the women in tech who are challenged with the logistics of being a nursing mother while attending CES. With our PR partners, Hunters Point created the Pumping Parlor, a themed trade show booth that featured the product to the industry while providing a sophisticated lounge for working mothers. Our Cold Milk Storage featured locked compartments to keep milk protected, while our Milk Concierge was prepared to courier mother's milk to and from any CES location with our Milk Shuttle. We could then help mom's ship milk back home with partner Milk Stork. To announce these services before CES, PR created a digital stunt inspired by the movie Top Gun, and asked for our help casting and outfitting "Mamarick" and her pilots as they flew into Las Vegas on a mission. The result: Elvie was named one of the top 9 WOW products of CES2020, named One to Watch, Start up to watch, Best of CES and and more.
Event Team
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