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Hello event community! I am working with a client who is hoping to hire someone to oversee their health and safety procedures leading up to and at an event in Oregon in late September with 200 people. Please let me know if you have any ideas for companies, contractors, or anyone else to work with!
    As an internal events manager working for a startup that is soon to have in-person events, how do you plan to engage your remote employees? How do you plan to create an inclusive environment in terms of engagement for both remote and in-person employees regarding internal events?
      I'm looking for a virtual platform that can host multiple virtual classes simultaneously rather than providing separate Zoom links for each class. Some type of login dashboard where guests can choose and login to their class would be ideal. Does anything come to mind?
        Has anyone used Hopin and created customized emails for attendees with links for VIP vs general access to various sessions? Would love to understand your experience as well as your takeaways and suggestions. Thank you!
          I'm working with a client on a virtual Remo gala. She is looking for either a write-up or video that she can include in a potential sponsor packet to show the value in being a sponsor for a virtual event. Anyone have something similar they use for attracting virtual event sponsors?